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Northern Greece - Keramoti | Kavala

The capital and main port of the Kavala prefecture is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mt. Symvolo forming one of the most picturesque cities in Greece. The city’s breeze sweeps through its historic buildings, which perfectly reflect the city’s modern character.

  • 1 week trip
  • 2 week trip
  • charter base

Neapoli, Hrisoupoli, Kavala: according to archaeological finds, the city’s history dates back to the Prehistoric times.  InitiallyInitially, the city’s core was restricted to the district of Panayia, which has been uninterruptedly inhabited since the 7th century BC. After 2500 years ,though, at the beginning of the 16th century, Kavala expanded maintaining these new borders until 1870; it was only after 1928 that it began to shape its today structure. It's strategic and economic importance over the centuries is attributed to its strategic position in Via Egnatia, which traversed the city connecting East and West, to its port and to the natural fortification of the peninsula, on which the old city was built.

From Athenian Yachts base in Keramoti you can have a magnificent sailing tour in the North - West Aegean Sea.Thassos, in mountain Athos and the Coast of Chalkidiki and cross the marine park of Sporades where there are many uninhabited islands. Then you can sail to Skiathos, Skopelos,Alonissos and if there is time Limnos.

For sailors who prefer secluded,green beaches and mooring to unique,quiet bays with plenty of time for swimming.Thassos and Chalkidiki are two of the most green places
in Greece with crystal clear waters.

You can also have a sailing voyage to four historical and picturesque islands.An excursion to real Greece.For friends of wild beauty,good food,hospitable and quiet harbor.Sailors
can see the Emerald Thassos with clear green waters,the mystic Samothrace with waterfalls,the historical island of Limnos and picturesque Ag.Eustratios.A memorable voyage which every sailor should do at least for once his life.

Keramoti check-in at 17:00
Keramoti    Samothrace    40nm-6h  
Explore Samothrace  
Samothrace Limnos 40nm-6h
Explore Limnos  
Limnos Ag.Eustratios 20nm-4h
Ag.Eustratios Thassos 60nm-8.5h
Thassos Keramoti              6nm-1h
Keramoti check-out at 09:00


*This programm is just a suggestion.The participants can make changes according to their desires.

Keramoti check-in at 17:00
Keramoti Samothrace 40nm-6h
Samothrace Canakkale,Turkey 60nm-8.5h
Excursion to Troy  
Canakkale Marmara Island 60nm-8.5h
Marmara Island Silivri 45nm-6.5h
Silivri Istanbul 35nm-5h
Excursion to Princess islands  
Istanbul Sarkoy 85nm-12h
Sarkoy Canakkale 45nm-6.5h
Canakkale Moudros,Limnos 60nm-8.5h
Moudros Mirina,Limnos 15nm-2h
Mirina Limenaria,Thassos    40nm-5.5h
Limenaria Limenas,Thassos 25nm-4h
Limenas Keramoti 6nm-1h
Keramoti check-out at 09:00


*This programm is just a suggestion.The participants can make changes according to their desires.

Base Manager:
Mr. Christopher Gritzelakis
Mobile: + 30 6972054346 / +30 6978415004
Tel/Fax: +30 2591051180
Our base is located in: Keramoti main port

How to reach Keramoti base: Keramoti is located 5 km away from national airport of Kavala and 192 km away from the International airport of Thessaloniki ‘’Makedonia’’.

From Kavala Airport: Athenian can arrange your transfer by taxi or mini bus (upon request).

From Thessaloniki Airport:By Taxi (up to 4 pax) or by mini bus / Bus : The duration of the trip is almost 1 ½ hour for the distance of 192km, Reservations need at least two days beforehand. (opun request)

Local Buses (ΚΤΕL) :The National Bus Station of Macedonia is situated 5 km west of Thessaloniki’s city center. It has a very easy access through the city center, but also through the east junction of the city which is connected to the city’s ring road. One can reach the Bus Station either with local buses or with TAXI from the airport. (tel: +302310595422 ) . The buses leave almost every hour and the duration of the trip is almost 2 hours.

Keramoti base amenities: 
Provisions: In Keramoti, there are many mini markets and a news stand. In the city of Hrisoupoli (15km away) there are many big super markets that may cover almost all of your needs for your trip. Your provisions can be also organized by the Athenian team (upon request). Your order will be on board upon your arrival. 
Monday - Saturday: 08:30 am - 20:30 pm
Sunday: Closed

Parking area: In case you are willing to approach our base in Keramoti with your own or rented car there are plenty of parking spaces you can safely leave your car with no charge fee. Our team is willing to show you the most proper parking spaces for a long stay.

Banks: In Keramoti there is one bank (Piraeus bank) and you can make currency exchanges.
In the city of Hrisoupolis there are many major Greek banks and post office bank service.
Opening hours: 08:00 am - 13:30pm Monday - Friday and they all provide ATMs

Fuel: Upon delivery of the boat, the fuel tanks will be full.

Electricity:The port of Keramoti offers 220V power with a 24hour access.

Hotel Accomodation: In case you need hotel accommodation, we suggest a couple of hotels which are located near the base.
Aphrodite Hotel: Keramoti, Kavala.
Tel: 0030 25910 51270, Fax: 0030 25910 51570, Mob: 0030 6973284679

Filippion Hotel: Keramoti, Kavala
Tel: 0030 2591051518, Fax: 0030 25910 51001, Mob: 0030 6947306679

Restaurants/Cafe/Bars: There is a variety of restaurants, bars and cafe in and around Keramoti port.

Nestos river (delta):  One can feel free to watch the Nestos’s River, and it’s beauties. You can tour around with the Municipalities train towards the visitor’s area in N.Karya.
Meet Fraxos, the tree from which the soldiers of Alexander the Great used to prepare the sarissa (weapon of that time), Kotza Orman Forest, the flora and fauna of the area.

History and Art Museum: The history and Art museum of Hrisoupolis is situated in the newly renovated building of the former Government House.

Folkore Visits: You can look over Nestos lowland, and Aegean Sea from the Brown Theatre of Zarkadia and visit the special folklore museum of ‘Lazarides’ in Petropigi village.

Coastline: The whole year through, but especially the summer, the beautiful beaches of Timari, Agiasma, and Keramoti coastline with the umbrellas and beach bars are accessible. In the area’s lagoon one has the chance to see flamingos, seagulls and generally involve in bird watching. Moreover beautiful sea paths of Monastiraki and the Mouth of Nestos River are places that one has to see if visiting the area.