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Lagoon 450

Seeing bigger in terms of acomodation, deck areas, faclities, performance!

Βasic ex factory price 393.000 | EXC TAX
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Lagoon expertise

Infusion-moulding: weight saving (important for a catamaran), best possible structure, protection for the environment and shipyard workers
interior joinery in Alpi® reconstituted wood in the interests of sustainable development (choice of finishes: light oak or teak)
vertical glazing for better protection against the sun, optimisation of space and headroom
gull-wing bridge deck for greater comfort in heavy seas
VPLP design: a guarantee of performance under sail!
and the Nauta Design touch for elegance and comfort

Above decks
A steering station on the fly bridge with safe access from both sides for perfect visibility and a large sunbathing area
a spacious cockpit, again ideal for sunbathing, on the same level as the galley, with a ventilation panel
a second cockpit, making best use of the forward area
particularly safe and effective transom platforms for coming aboard or accessing the tender

Below decks
Interior design by Nauta: elegance and functionality
saloon and cabins exceptionally well lit
natural light in cabins thanks to large glazed panels on hulls
truly luxurious owner's and guests' cabins
"U"-shaped galley for greater comfort at sea
galley located between cockpit and saloon
engine compartments remote from the living areas and perfectly insulated


Technical Specifications

  • Length overall: 13,96 m / 45’10”
  • Hull beam: 7,84 m / 25’9’’
  • Light displacement: 15,50 t / 34178 Lbs
  • Standard keel draught: 1,305 m / 4’3’’
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 500 l / 2 x 132 US gal
  • Water capacity: 2 x 175 l / 2 x 46 US gal
  • Engine:

    2 x 40 HP to 2 x 55 HP

  • CE Category: A : 12/B : 14/C : 20/D : 30


Profitable Yacht Ownership

If you have ever dreamed of owning a yacht, but found it hard to justify the cost; then consider the advantages of Athenian Yacht's Charter Ownership Program, a cost effective way to own a yacht without worrying about the hassles and expenses of a traditional ownership.

All the running costs will be covered yearly through the income from charter revenue plus you will receive guarantee fixed revenue.
The most important fact is that your yacht will be excellent maintained by our team of professionals and ready for you to sail at all times.

Please see below some of the owner's benefits:

Guaranteed Revenue: each month you receive guaranteed fixed revenue regardless of charter activities.

Zero Operating Expenses: As an owner you pay NO operating expenses. We handle everything, including dockage, insurance,maintanace, parts, labor and much more. 

Professional Maintenance: Your yacht will receive excellent care. All work will be performed by our own team of professionals in accordance with our precise guidelines.

Sailing Time: You enjoy up to 4 weeks of sailing on your yacht March through October . We’ll assure your yacht is in pristine and totally prepared each time you sail for your convenience.

Annual Dockage in one of our 6 bases.

Full Insurance Cover

Duration: The program covers 5 seasons depending on your needs. We will be happy though to have you stay in our fleet for up to 10 years and in some cases longer. You have the right to leave at any time with 6 month’s notice and you must honor all outstanding charters booked on the boat.

Brokerage Support: At the end of the program you can keep your yacht or choose to sell it. We will gladly assist you in the marketing of your yacht for resale and will assure a seamless transition

Marketing Support: Your yacht will be aggressively marketed by our staff at boat shows, through a network of international charter brokers and in national boating magazines, at no expense to you.

Bussness and Pleausre with Athenian Yachts Charter Ownership Program!